3rd IGoPSS: Local Government in Indonesia

Yogyakarta (26/7) – On the ninth day, the participants of the 3rd IGoPSS received material on local government in Indonesia. The activity this time was moderated by Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara as Buddies who was in charge of guiding and accompanying the participants throughout the material. In this activity, participants had the opportunity to receive material from resource persons who were IGOV alumni, Rizky Ananda Putra S.I.P, M.P.A. This lesson aims to get to know more about local governance in Indonesia after the participants visited the Yogyakarta DPRD Office.

At the beginning of the lesson, participants were introduced to the profile of the State of Indonesia and followed by an explanation of the legal basis governing local government in Indonesia. Furthermore, there is a very interesting material, namely an explanation of the provinces in Indonesia where there are several provinces that are included in regions that have privileges. He also explained the separatist movements carried out by several regions in Indonesia that wanted to develop themselves.
The speaker also explained the dynamics of implementing good governance in Indonesia. It begins with the history of good governance in Indonesia, which is then continued with a presentation on strategies to realize good governance in Indonesia.

At the end of the material, the speaker emphasized that good governance is a modern thought that is in line with the development of the times based on the laws contained in the 1945 Constitution. “In addition, good governance also aims to improve the quality of governance and more efficient services,” said Mr. Rizky. (ARP)

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