Curriculum Structure
Curriculum Structure of International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta 2022
IGOV Students with the Director
Visiting Professor
Visiting Lecture from Dr. Andreas Ufen from GiGA Germany
Practicum Class
Practicum Class of Electoral Studies with Dr. Ridho Alhamdi
1English 1
(General English)
2Al Islam 1 (Aqidah)2
3Muhammadiyah Movement1
5Introduction to Government Science3
6Introduction to Political Science3
7Introduction to Economics3
8Administrative Law3
9Bahasa Indonesia (Academic Writing)3
10Soft Skill0
 Total of Credits21
1English 2 (Listening)1
2Al-Islam 2 (Muamalah & Akhlak)2
3Governance Concept3
4Centralised- Government Management3
5Political Party Studies3
6Citizenship and Political Ethics3
7Sociology and Governance3
8Study of Democracy3
9Social Research Methods3
10Soft Skill II0
 Total of Credits24
1English 3 (Reading and Writing)1
2Financial Governance3
3Civil Society (Included on Social Movement and Marginalised Group)3
4Local Government Management3
5Electoral Governance4
6Study of Development4
7Qualitative Analysis3
8Agile Government3
9Soft Skill0
 Total of Credits24
1English 4 (TOEFL)1
2Statistic and Data Science (Quantitative Analysis)3
3Study of Policy Formulation3
4Leadership in Politics and Government3
5Public Service for Government3
6Study of Organisation and Institution4
7Disaster Management3
8Human Resource Management for Government3
9Soft Skill0
 Total of Credits23
1English 5 (Academic and Work Preparation)1
2Urban Governance3
3Public Policy  (Implementation and Evaluation)4
4Procurement of Government’s Goods and Services3
5Environmental Politics (Global issues/ SDGs)3
6Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Organisation’s performance   3
8Government Communication3
9Soft Skill0
 Total of Credits23
1Big Data Analysis for Government4
2Rural Governance4
3Comparative Governance*3
4Seminary on Government’s Issues*3
5Conflict Resolution*3
6Ideology and Political Thought *3
7Government Marketing*3
8Global Governance *3
9Political Economy*3
10Information Management for Government*3
11Legislation Process*3
 Total of Credits20
1Community Services3
2Independent Research and Scientific Writing6
 Total of Credits9
1Research and Scientific Writing0
 Total of Credits0


  1. In semester 6, students only need to take two compulsory courses.
  2. To complete 20 credits in semester 6, students need to find their interest-course (*)