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Activities for the International Students Program.

Yogyakarta (28/1) – The odd semester break has arrived, the students have three weeks of free time which can be used to do various activities to improve self-quality. As an international student, there are many activities to hone your English skills in your spare time during odd semester holidays so when you return to claww, your English skills will show some improvement.
Here are a few choices of activities to hone your English skills during your vacation.
1. Do an internship that can help you hone your English
By participating in this kind of internship, you can gain new experiences as well as hone your English skills. For instance, being an assistant teacher at an International Kindergarten, being a Tour Guide at a museum, and being an English tutor for children.
2. Join a Language Community
Various communities usually open their recruitment for students. You can try register yourself to Polyglot to share the knowledge languages, besides that, you can expand your network and information related to foreign countries.
3. Fun English Learning
For those of you who are lazy to go out and want to stay at home, you can learn or hone your English skills by watching movies, listening to music or listening to podcasts, but they must be in English.
In addition to the activities above, don’t forget to go home to meet your family, friends! (ARP)

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