Adding Experience, Knowledge, and International Exposure y Becoming Buddies

Yogyakarta (4/8) – 1 week has passed, and the 3rd International Government and Politics Summer School event (3rd IGoPSS) organized by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) has ended, closing the event took place emotionally and the participants gave a positive impression of the event.

Of course, behind the success of the 3rd IGoPSS event, some parties helped to make the event a success, namely, Buddies or IGOV UMY students who became the committee and at the same time accompanied the participants during the event. Being Buddies is certainly not easy, because the requirements to be Buddies are to be able to speak English, talk active, and have a strong social spirit. In addition, of course, the Buddies get new experiences and new knowledge because they have to talk to the Buddies participants who are from foreign countries. Therefore, buddies can exchange information or share knowledge with other participants.

“Being Buddies at the 3rd IGoPSS event is fun! It can add knowledge and new experiences that are exciting and emotional when you have to be separated and can add to relationships. Of course, being Buddies not everyone can do it because they have to be able to use English, but participating in the event is also an opportunity for buddies to improve their English skills.” Fadhila Septiyaning, one of the Buddies at the 3rd IGoPSS event. (ARP)

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