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Announcement of the IGOV UMY Copywriter Team’s Selected Candidate 

Yogyakarta – Wednesday (18/1) The selection for the IGOV UMY Copywriter Team Internship has reached the final stage. Awang Rajaprakoso Purnomo IGOV Batch 20′ was qualified with the highest score.
The briefing will be held on Thursday, January 20, 2021, at the IGOV UMY Student Hall.
During the interview, Awang said he was interested in joining IGOV UMY because he wanted to upgrade his copywriting skills.
“I am interested in joining the IGOV Copywriting Team because I want to upgrade my content-making skills. Previously, I also had an internship in the same position but my work was only related to sales accounting. Now at IGOV, the materials are related to education, so it’s more challenging,” said Awang.
Awang passed with the highest score, surpassing the other 3 participants. Awang was chosen because he is considered as someone who has a good innovation for IGOV’s content in the future. (FLT)
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