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Attending Muhammadiyah’s 109th Anniversary, President Joko Widodo Gave His Appreciation to Muhammadiyah.

Yogyakarta – (19/11). Since the beginning, Muhammadiyah has been committed to being present in the midst of the nation’s problems in terms of education, social, health, and economy, especially during the current pandemic. That also becomes the basis of Muhammadiyah’s 109th anniversary, themed “Optimistic in Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic: Spreading Good Values”. The anniversary was carried out online and offline on Thursday (18/11) at the Sportorium of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.
The 109th Anniversary of Muhammadiyah was attended by President Joko Widodo. He gave a speech where he expressed his full appreciation to Muhammadiyah for the efforts of overcoming health and economic problems during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Muhammadiyah has been helping the people to improve their economy during the pandemic through a special MCCC team including services for 82 hospitals in various provinces, also through 40 universities that all actively serving the community through positive programs in the grassroots level,” he said.
109 years is not a young age for Muhammadiyah. During this time, Muhammadiyah has always participated in overcoming problems that occur in Indonesia. This shows that Muhammadiyah is very advanced because of the dynamics it has experienced. This time, the anniversary of Muhammadiyah is used as the door to carry out da’wah, tajdid and ijtihad which gives birth to change, enlightenment, and progress of Muhammadiyah as an Islamic movement that excels in the local, national and global spheres.
This is in accordance with what was conveyed by the general chairman of PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Dr. KH Haedar Nasir, M.Si “Muhammadiyah is moving to be more dynamic for steps to change, carry out strategic efforts, develop centers of excellence and advance expansion in various fields of life, and this is used as a tajdid step of the second century,” he stated.
The series of events that took place at the 109th Anniversary of Muhammadiyah were: President Joko Widodo’s speech, the PP Muhammadiyah General Chair’s Speech, the 2021 Muhammadiyah award, the signing of the inscriptions of  Universiti Muhammadiyah Malaysia (UMAM), Muhammadiyah Cyber University (Sibermu), Muhammadiyah Australia College, and the Building of Dasron Hamid Research and Innovation Center UMY. Last but not least, the awarding of the Covid-19 fighters association who have contributed to help and ease the burden of the community during the pandemic. (DA)
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