Not only in exchange, but nine IGOV students studied Thai culture.

Chiang Rai (25/3) – Exchange is a good activity for students. It can open up a broader perspective, and the exchange can also be used to learn about the culture of UMY Exchange partner countries, like the nine students from IGOV UMY who are carrying out an exchange to Maejo University Thailand (MJU) for one semester, which began on February 20 and will end on May 13, 2023. The nine IGOV students are learning Thai culture on the Field Trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand.

IGOVThe field trip to Chiang Rai City was held on February 23–25, 2023. It was initiated by the School of Administrative Studies, together with six MJU students as buddies and nine IGOV students. IGOV students are invited to visit several tourist and cultural attractions, such as Rajhabat University, the Golden Triangle, the Blue Temple, the Northern Most of Thailand, Wiang Pa Pao, Wat Huay Pla Kang, and Wat Rong Khun – White Temple. IGOV students admit they are pleased, especially when they visit Wiang Pa Pao (hot springs), because tourists usually boil their eggs here because there is a pool filled with hot water. Besides that, in the Golden Triangle, they can see the Mekong River, the border of three countries, namely Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand.

IGOVSherin, one of the IGOV students, admitted that this was her first experience; what’s more, she was very impressed with the tolerance there. “Every temple in Chiangrai has a different color and shape that has a different meaning, but even so, the Hindu community there remains tolerant of it,” said Sherin. (FLT)


Anniversary of Faculty Business Administration, Indonesian Student Introduces Nasi Tumpeng to Thai Students

Chiang May (24/3) – The Faculty of Business Administration at Maejo University (MJU) has entered its 48th year this year. MJU is one of UMY’s IGOV partner campuses. Nine IGOV UMY students were conducting exchange studies, which began on February 20 and will end on May 13, 2023. During the Faculty of Business Administration anniversary, IGOV UMY students were asked to make Indonesian specialties to celebrate the Faculty of Business Administration anniversary.

The anniversary of the Business Administration Faculty was held on March 20, 2023, in the business faculty building. This event was exciting because it was warmly welcomed, and many students were curious about Indonesian food. During the anniversary celebration of the Faculty of Business Administration, nine IGOV students made Nasi Tumpeng to introduce Indonesian cuisine to lecturers and students from Thailand.


Indonesian students also sample Thai food, such as Thai salads and Thai desserts. There are also religious ceremonies or rituals at every event that is held. “Actually, the food in Thailand is similar to that in Indonesia, only the taste is a bit sour and spicy. But what is different from Indonesia is that before eating together, everyone performs a prayer ritual together in Thai and recites a prayer that asks for safety and longevity for the Faculty of Business Administration and the King of Thailand.” Nova said. (FLT)


Medical Check-Up Activities for Student Exchange Students at Universiti Sains Malaysia

MALAYSIA (21/03). To open the new semester, universities in Malaysia usually hold ceremonial events and orientation for the 2022/2023 program. This event is a public event that is generally held by campuses in Malaysia to welcome the new semester. This event was held to get to know the campus, campus environment, and all activities on the USM campus. This activity is also equipped with seminars and event briefings.

Three IGOV students have been sent to Universiti Sains Malaysia for the Students Exchange program in the 2022/2023 academic year. Their departure was made on Saturday, March 18, 2023. The students who departed included Kevin Arya Pranaja, Amanda Aspasia Dilla, and Muhammad Akbar Sabarna. Kevin arrived first at 9 am local time. Meanwhile, Amanda and Akbar left Kualanamu for Penang at 13.50.

On Monday, March 20, 2023 they did a Medical Check Up which was carried out by the USM campus. This activity was carried out from 09.00 until finished. This activity was facilitated by USM as an agenda for international students, in this case, Full-time students and exchange students who have arrived in Malaysia. In the morning, they gathered at the International Mobility Office. Then they are invited to do a Covid-19 test, an X-ray, and a urine test. Due to the large number of international students at USM, the queues were long, so this activity lasted a long time. (NIA)


Departure for Exchange to Malaysia, 3 Enthusiastic IGOV Students

Student exchange is one of the requirements for international students to complete their studies at Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University (UMY). The three UMY IGOV students are Kevin Arya Prajna, Muhammad Akbar Sabarna, and Amanda Aspasia Dilla. These three students are IGOV students from the class of 2021 who will carry out an exchange at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Departing by plane, Amanda and Akbar leave together via Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport, transit at Medan’s Kualanamu Airport. Then the final destination arrives at Penang International Airport. Meanwhile, Kevin flew directly from Juanda Airport in Surabaya to Penang International Airport. Arriving there, the three students were picked up by USM by car.

Amanda said that something that surprised her when she arrived at USM, namely the many public transportation options that made it very easy for pedestrians like herself. “There are lots of buses here, Sis, for us to go to college, find food, and do other activities because if we walk, it’s quite far anyway, Kak, so if there’s a bus like this, it makes it easier for us for those who don’t bring their vehicles to USM.” Said Amanda (FLT)


IGOV Student Attend Meet and Greet International Students at Universiti Malaysia Pahang

MALAYSIA (10/03). University of Pahang Malaysia (UMP) provides broad opportunities for students from outside Malaysia to conduct student exchange. Especially for the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, not forgetting to send one of its students, Adil Ario, to enliven the new semester, Universiti Malaysia Pahang held a Meet and Greet event in order to introduce the campus. This event is specifically for students participating in mobility and student exchange program activities. This event was attended by the Director of International Relations and gave a speech at this activity. After that, a Question and Answer was held.

This activity takes place on Monday, March 10, 2023 at 1 a.m. until 4 a.m. This event was accompanied by 7 lecturers who are in charge of international mobility. The series of Meet and Greet events included a UMP week campus tour. There are 28 international students from Indonesia, India, Germany, Australia. International students were given an explanation about the introduction of Malaysian culture and the uniqueness that only exists in Malaysia. This activity was fun and exciting, as well as an additional experience for international students during activities around the campus. The event ended with lunch together. (NIA)


Release and Delivery of UUM Students to YIA Airport

Yogyakarta (15/3) – The Short Mobility Program, conducted by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) in collaboration with the School of Government of Universiti Utara Malaysia (SOG UUM), has officially ended. This program lasted seven days at UUM and five days at UMY. The program initiated by the two universities has been completed smoothly and has had many positive impacts for the two universities.

After five days in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the UUM SOG had to return to Malaysia to continue their studies. IGOV UMY wanted to ensure SOG UUM returned safely and comfortably; therefore, we delivered them to Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA) using three cars for students and lecturers and one car for goods. UUM students and lecturers will depart from YIA to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at 17.00 WIB. IGOV escorted Dr. Syahrir and 12 UUM School of Government students, accompanied by two IGOV staff, Adibah Dhivani Gusmi, S.IP., and Nurul Izzah Aulia.

Before returning to Malaysia, one of the SOG UUM students, Lim Yean Fong, bought a bale of Indonesian brewed tea with the Tjatoet brand. She really liked Indonesian brewed tea, so she purchased a bale. When interviewed by the IGOV Team before leaving, Lim said that “Indonesian tea is very different from tea in Malaysia; it is tastier and thicker. In Malaysia, we usually use tea bags if we want to drink tea, but it doesn’t taste as good as Indonesian brewed tea,” said Lim (FLT).


UUM Students Hunt for Batik before Attending Closing Dinner

YOGYAKARTA (15/03). In the scope of Cultural Activity, 12 UUM students and lecturers were invited to visit a historical mosque, Masjid Kauman. After traveling for one hour around Taman Sari, the group was asked to move to this mosque for rest and lunch. Here the participants are introduced to the mosque, also known as Kagungan Dalem Gedhe Kauman Mosque. Arriving at the venue at 13.00, the accompanying IGOV staff, namely Adibah Dhivani Gusmi, S.IP, and Nurul Izzah Aulia, immediately distributed lunch to be eaten together in the courtyard of the mosque. After that, participants are welcome to pray and rest.

At around 14.00, they continued their journey to Malioboro by passing the Sonobudoyo Museum and Point 0 KM. Arriving at Malioboro, Dr. Syahrir, a senior lecturer at UUM, invited students to shop and tour the Malioboro area until 17.30 WIB. Soon after, they entered the Beringharjo market area and bought batik fabrics, clothes, and knick-knacks.

One of the UUM students, Nur Fatihah, made her friends and sellers laugh because he offered the price for 30 minutes. Even though it didn’t work, he still bought the shirt. Shopping activities at Beringharjo are fun because they can purchase souvenirs for their family and closest friends. Even one of them, Shakina and Fong, bought a big bag to put everything they had bought. They finally returned at 17.30 sharp and continued their journey to Klangenan, Banyuraden, for the Closing Dinner.

Closing Dinner was carried out warmly and happily. The Head of the Government Science Program and the Director of IGOV attended the Closing Dinner activity. UUM lecturers and students were served Yogyakarta specialties, Sate, Sayur Lodeh, Nasi Kucing, and iced tea. They were very excited to taste all the food and the iced tea. They say, “The food here is delicious because the taste is spicy.” The Closing Dinner event was closed with the presentation of souvenirs, impressions, and messages from UUM students.



Learning Yogyakarta Culture through the Museum Muhammadiyah and Tamansari

YOGYAKARTA (15/03). To introduce Muhammadiyahan affairs, IGOV invited UUM lecturers and UUM lecturers to visit several famous and historical places in Yogyakarta. IGOV invited the Dean of the School of Government of Universiti Utara Malaysia, Assoc Prof. Halimah bint Abdul Manaf and Dr. Syahril, one of the senior lecturers of bachelor of development management and 12 students from two education programs they are bachelor of development management and bachelor of public management. Accompanied by two IGOV staff, Adibah Dhivani Gusmi, S.IP and Nurul Izzah Aulia. This activity aims to introduce Indonesian culture to UUM students as part of the Short Mobility Program.

This activity began with visiting the Muhammadiyah Museum at 08.30 that is located at the Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) Tamanan University Campus IV Complex, Kec. Banguntapan, Bantul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. This activity aims to introduce Muhammadiyah’s role in the dynamics of national history, organizations and figures in the Muhammadiyah Association, Muhammadiyah’s charitable endeavors, Muhammadiyah’s regional outreach in Indonesia and in the world. Students and lecturers were very excited and curious about the explanation from the Tour Guide who was still a UAD student. Not only students, but also lecturers ask questions to complete their curiosity about Muhammadiyah.

Continuing the journey, Taman Sari is also the next destination in this Cultural Activity. Taman Sari Yogyakarta or Taman Sari Keraton Yogyakarta is the site of a former palace garden or Taman Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace. The location of Taman Sari is in the big area of the Yogyakarta Sultanate Palace. Here they also asked about the history of the building, its function and about the history of Yogyakarta city.

Here they were also invited to walk in the villages around Taman Sari to see the culture and traditions of the people around Taman Sari. Thus they were introduced to one of the famous batik shops around Taman Sari, nDalem Mbah Bei and with enthusiasm they bought several pieces of Batik clothing as souvenirs for those closest to them. They also see directly the process of making batik and try to buy drinks and food at the Angkringan. While in Indonesia they really like iced tea because the aroma and taste of Indonesian tea tends to be better than tea in Malaysia. In addition, because the basic ingredients of Indonesian food tend to be spicy and contain lots of spices, it makes them want to last a long time in Indonesia because the taste of food is more delicious.



Lecturer Series Class, Discussing about Disaster and Digitalization Era in Indonesia and Malaysia

YOGYAKARTA (13/03). The people of Indonesia and Malaysia are very familiar with disasters. Geologically, Indonesia is in the ring of fire. The volcanic trail stretches from Sumatra, Java, to Sulawesi. While floods, landslides, and earthquakes frequently hit Malaysia. Knowledge about potential risks is necessary. Outreach, education, and preparedness are the keys to reducing disaster risk in the future. Thus, IGOV is holding a Lecturer Series class with the Disaster and Digitalization Era theme.

The first class presented Humanity and Disaster Response by Rahmawati Husein, MCP, Ph.D. In contrast, the second gave the theme Social Media and Digital Era in Indonesia & Malaysia by Prof. Dr. Ahmad Nurmandi. This class was attended by 24 participants consisting of 11 UUM School of Government students and 13 students from IGOV.

This activity started at 09.00, starting with Mrs. Ama’s session discussing disaster management regulations in Indonesia. Then proceed with the Campus Tour with the IGSC (International Government Study Committee), which consists of five members. they took UUM students around the UMY campus from the Postgraduate Building, then passed the Dasron Hamid Research Center to the UMY BOGA canteen. Towards noon they were given a luncheon at the Postgraduate Building.

The second session starts at 13.30 WIB. Aulia Nur Kasiwi, M.IP as a substitute lecturer for Prof. Dr. Ahmad Nurmandi, bring this session. Here Aulia brings the theme of “The Growing of Social Media Use in ASEAN’s Government.”. it explains how social media plays an essential role in the field of government and the importance of the digitalization era in the scope of government. A discussion and questions and answers accompany each session.

The next session was a Group Presentation on the Social and Economic Development Challenge: A comparison between Indonesia and Malaysia. This activity started at 14.00 and consisted of four groups with titles, including Leadership of Joko Widodo and Najib Razak, Comparison between Malaysia and Indonesia Industry and Education, Digitalization of e-government in Indonesian and Malay, and Social and Economic Development Challenges. The activity finished in the evening at 17.3


Visiting Borobudur, an introduction to Indonesian culture to UUM students.

MAGELANG (12/03). Borobudur is one of the wonders of the world located in Indonesia, precisely in Borobudur Village, Magelang, Central Java. Borobudur Temple is a Buddhist temple designated by UNESCO as a world heritage site due to the very unique architecture of the temple building by combining stupas, temples and mountains in its buildings. Therefore, IGOV invited Dr. Syahrir and 12 UUM School of Government students to visit one of these historical places. Accompanied by two IGOV staff, Adibah Dhivani Gusmi, S.IP and Foltamajuna, S.I.Kom. This activity is intended to introduce Indonesian culture to UUM students as part of the Short Mobility Program.

This activity begins with breakfast at the Professor’s Guest House (PGH) at 07.00 WIB. Departure starts at 07.45 and arrives at Borobudur at 08.45 by using an ELF vehicle. The activity went well and was fun even though the weather was very hot. Accompanied by the Tour Guide, Ms. Lina, they received a detailed explanation of the history of Borobudur, the reasons for the construction of Borobudur, and the function of Borobudur as a house of worship according to Buddhists. They carefully listened to explanations and asked a lot of questions, especially Fong and Kartika, as they are Hinduism and Buddhism. They also asked about the differences in the worship of Buddhists in Indonesia and other countries. They don’t forget to take selfies and vlogging with their cell phones to capture interesting moments while at Borobudur.

At the end of this visit, they received a gift, sandals made of dried woven bamboo, from the Managing Director of the Borobudur Tourism Area Management Authority. On the return, Syahrir, a UUM student, bought all the merchandise offered to him as he was very interested in all things related to Borobudur such as batik, Borobudur replicas and small bags with Borobudur pictures. They also like Indonesian food because Indonesian food is spicier. This activity was completed by having lunch at Kampung Ulam Resto, Ngrajek, Magelang.