Awesome! Government Futsal Cup Achieves Achievement at a Young Age!

Yogyakarta (4/7) – Government Futsal Cup Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (GFC UMY) has just made an achievement in the FISIPOL CUP competition which will be held on 1-2 July 2022. The FISIPOL CUP is a competition event with the theme “Uphold sportsmanship without limits” which contains various competitions such as Futsal, Basketball, Mobile Legend, PES, and Badminton. The event will be held from 20 June-2 July 2022.

In this competition, GFC UMY sent 3 teams: Team A, Team B, and the Sempro Boys Team. The 3 teams, Team A won 3rd place and the team from Sempro Boys won first place in the futsal competition held by FISIPOL CUP. This should be appreciated because GFC UMY has a young age. After all, it has just been established but has made a proud achievement.

One of the members of GFC UMY who is also a student from the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), Muhammad Ariq from batch 2021 stated that he was very proud of the achievements obtained with his team. “I am very proud of GFC UMY, with its young age but able to make achievements, it is hoped that in this competition the GFC UMY team can make mistakes so that in the next tournament they can win 1st place, and make team members more united”. (ARP)

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