Boosting School Promotion, IGOV UMY held Roadshows to Various Regions

Yogyakarta (3/2) – Promotion to school is something that all universities, both public and private, must do. This is done in order to further enhance the brand awareness of a study program or university. In addition, one of the efforts to get quality prospective students is to promote the introduction of the study program to both students and teachers.

IGOV UMY conducted a roadshow activity with the Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University Admission Bureau. There are several cities in Indonesia that are the destinations for the roadshow conducted by IGOV UMY, such as Tangerang, Tulungagung, Klaten, and Sleman. IGOV was represented by Aditya Fatmandadika Qurnain, IGOV Batch 2020. This activity took place through several different schemes in each city, such as direct presentations to classes, campus exhibitions with various other universities, and many more.


From the beginning of January to the end of February, this activity was carried out in Tulungagung on January 15-17, 2023; Klaten on January 26-28, 2023; Tangerang on January 29-31, 2023; Pakem, Sleman, and Solo on February 4-8, 2023; and Solo on January 20, 2023.This activity takes place in various schools, both public and private.


Aditya admitted that he was very happy because he was given the opportunity to represent IGOV UMY, Apart from his lively speech, students at the school were also very enthusiastic about asking questions about IGOV UMY. “It’s really fun to be IGOV’s representative for promotions to schools. Apart from being able to meet new people, I can also explain to students how the learning culture is at IGOV. The majority of their children ask about where student exchanges can go,” said Aditya (FLT)

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