Bumdes.id Gave Preparation for Participants of Kalurahan Online Program UMY and ISI Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta – 2 November 2021. The social service program of Kalurahan Online (Kaline) UMY held an offline seminar entitled “Further Understanding of BUMDES” with bumdes.id. The seminar was held at the Amphitheatre room E7 on the 5th floor of KH Ibrahim Building UMY. The seminar was attended by all of the KKN (social service) program’s participants from UMY and ISI.
Bumdes.id is one of the partners of KKN Kaline Program that focused on revitalizing BUMDES (village-owned business)  in the partnering villages. The seminar aims to give understanding and knowledge related to BUMDES to the participants, so they can implement their knowledge at each of their own projects during the KKN Kaline Program in their own villages.
The keynote speaker was two bumdes.id‘s representatives, Khatami Angga Kusumah from the department of BUMDES’s Institutionalization, and Fandi Galang Wicaksana from the BUMDES Innovation department. The discussion during the seminar was very communicative.
“I am happily attending this seminar because we can receive a lot of benefits just by a single event. First, to enhance our project during the KKN Kaline program about BUMDES revitalization at each of our villages. Second, the knowledge is beneficial for me, a student of Governmental Studies. The seminar feels like one of my 3 credited courses where I can learn a lot of things in one sitting,” commented Wahyu, one of the participants from UMY’s governmental studies.
“The preparation seminar from BUMDES is very interesting. The explanation about regulation and innovation about BUMDES was very understandable, now I can picture what I can do in my project during the KKN Kaline Program,” said Panca, one of the participants from ISI Yogyakarta (DA)
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