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Celebrating the 36th Anniversary, UMY Government Studies Program Held a Competition with a Total Prize of Millions of Rupiah

Yogyakarta (23/1) – The Government Studies Program has just celebrated their 36th anniversary on January 23rd, 2022. To celebrate and express gratitude, they invites all lecturers, staff, and technicians in order to strengthens the kinship of the members of Governemnt Studies Program. The event took place at the Griya Persada Hotel, Kaliurang on January 22nd-23rd
Government Studies Program also invited Mr. Haryoto (First Head of IP UMY Study Program), Mr. Tri Saktiyana (First Secretary of UMY IP Study Program) and Mr. Wahid (UMY IP Tendik). The three invited figures had the opportunity to gace their speech at the event.
During the gathering, a workshop was conducted, the theme was “Stress Management to Increase Work Productivity”. The workshop provided motivation and tips to increase productivity. LEBKD assistance was also provided for lecturers.

Furthermore, the staff and media center received a workshop by Deepublish. The workshop was very beneficial to maximize the available devices. Tips and tricks for creating content were also shared. In addition, the head of Government Studies Program, Mr. Tunjung Sulaksono, cut the Tumpeng’s first cone and gave it to Mr. Suharyoto as the first Head of Government Studies Program.
The Government Studies Anniversary also conducted competitions that students could participate in with a total prize of millions of rupiah. Deadline for the registration and submission of the competition’s works is until January 31st.
Always successful and progressive is the great hope for the Government Studies Program. Happy 36th Anniversary. May the Government Studies program can collaborate and contribute to the Nation. (ARP)

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