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How do you feel about a week of Exchange Program to Maejo University?

Yogyakarta (21/1) – Ten students from the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a student exchange to Maejo University, Thailand. One of the ten students told us the reason why he chose Maejo University, Thailand as his exchange destination. “Because the courses are in line from what is taught at IGOV, other than that, the courses are fun”, he emphasized.
It has been a week of teaching and learning. According to him, teaching and learning activities are still the same as lectures at IGOV which are held online. Therefore, according to him, there is no significant difference between teaching and learning activities at IGOV and at Maejo University.

He further explained that teaching and learning activities are quite fun because the lecturers are communicative with their students, especially the exchange students. In addition, there are obstacles faced by exchange students from UMY to master English in order to communicate with other people.
He also said that he hopes he could more partnerships with more people abroad so collaboration can be made between Maejo University and UMY. (ARP)

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