Creating a Short Mobility Program, IGOV UMY invited SOG UUM to Collaborate.

Malaysia (11/1) The Exchange Program is mandatory for international class students at Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University, including IGOV UMY. IGOV UMY facilitates student exchange programs with several destination countries both in Europe and Asia.
The Short Mobility Program is a collaboration implemented between IGOV UMY and the School of Government Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM). Held for 7 days at UUM from January 9–15, 2023, and will be resumed in March 2023 at IGOV UMY. This program focuses on academic activities and some non-academic activities. This program is a step taken by IGOV UMY to facilitate the Exchange Substitute Program for students who have never done an exchange before. This is done considering that exchange is something that must be carried out for international class students.

The trip to Malaysia was taken by plane on 9/1 from New Yogyakarta International Airport, the first flight was Yogyakarta-Kuala Lumpur, then Kuala Lumpur-Kedah. The reception by UUM was very good, they picked up the group from UMY at Alor Setar airport. After arriving at UUM, the first building to visit was Anjung Guest (UUM Museum). In the Guest Pavilion, it is explained regarding the history of UUM, UUM’s business entities, etc.

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