Do Youth Must Care about Politics?

Yogyakarta (21/5) – Politics is no longer dominated solely by the elder generation. The rise of political parties that draw cadre members from the youth group breathes new life into Indonesia’s political future.
In reality, we all know that one of the significant events that accompanied the accelerated proclamation of Indonesian independence could not be separated from the involvement of the youth who were willing to accompany Soekarno-Hatta to Rengasdengklok at the time.
There are numerous issues that all countries, including Indonesia, must face, particularly in this period of globalization. Of course, larger difficulties necessitate more dynamic thoughts and ideas from Indonesian youth.
So, why as youth must care about our politics? as a youth it is important to care about politics because politics affects our lives in the country so we, the successors of the nation, are important to have political education and political participation because we are the controllers of whether the policies set are beneficial to the community or not.
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