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Dr. Zuly Qodir Gave a Lecture on Good Governance and Democracy at the Universiti Utara Malaysia

Yogyakarta – (22/11). IGOV UMY held an Outbound Visiting Professor at the Universiti Utara Malaysia with Dr. Zuly Qodir, M.Ag. as the selected lecturer. This activity was held online, moderated by Madam Zalinah binti Ahmad.
Zuly Qudir as one of the lecturers from the International Program of the Governmental Studies department UMY gave a lecture about Good Governance and Democracy. The good governance and democracy concept in several countries use a similar principle. What makes them different is the practice in each country.
During the QnA session, Zuly Qodir gave examples of the application of Good Governance in Indonesia. He gave an example in Jakarta during Ahok’s leadership era. “Ahok led Jakarta by making an impactful public policy in every sectors and made those policies simpler through a one day kne service system,” he said.
Madam Zalinah Binti Ahmad as the moderator gave a statement related to the materials. “Personally I think this topic is very important for the students because this will bring a good improvement for the governance system in the future,” she said during the closing of the session. (DA)
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