Dyah Mutiarin, the First Woman Professor of UMY Participated in the Handover of Professor Decree 

Yogyakarta – (15/11), Prof. Dr. Dyah Mutiarin, S.IP., M.Si., as the Governmental Studies Professor, and the first woman professor at UMY participated in the Handover of Professor Decree along with Prof. Dr. Imamudin Yuliadi, S.E., M.Si, the Economics Studies Professor.
The event was held on Saturday (13/11) at the AR Fachrudin A Building, the first floor, UMY. Both lecturers from UMY achieved the Professor title since 1st October 2021, in accordance with the decree from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology number 71068/MPK.A/KP.05.01/2021 and number 70168/MPK.A/KP.05.01/2021.
The event was attended by the head of BPH UMY, Dr. H. Agung Danarto, M.Ag., who stated that the achievement of both professors is a present from UMY to the Muhammaditah organization who will hold its birthday on 18th November. This achievement also showed that UMY is ready to go international. “This is a big momentum of the organization. The others should also participate in the development of knowledge by increasing the number of research and innovation,” he stated.
The rector of UMY who attended the event also appreciated both professors, “Personally, this should be a motivation for the other lecturers to keep on creating and developing,” said Dr. Ir. Gunawan Budiyanto, M.P., IPM.
Bhimo Widyo Andoko, S.H., M.H., the head of LLDIKTI region V also participated in the event, he also gave a speech about career tracks for lecturer. He said the LLIDIKTI  hope that there will always be research and innovations from the members of Muhammadiyah.” (DA)
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