Fadhilla Septiyaning Experience in 3 Months as an Exchange Student at USM

Yogyakarta (27/1) – 3 months have passed for students who joined a student exchange program to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). One of the four students who took part in the student exchange program shared her experience of 3 months studying at USM. Fadhila Septiyaning told us that the program had been tiring but enjoyable. The teaching method made her comfortable, the lecturers were good and did not discriminate the exchange students with the full time students. Fadhila also said that she’s proud to study there because USM is ranked in the top 150 of the best university in the world based on QS Top Universities rank.
It has been 3 months since the teaching and learning activities have taken place. According to Fadhila, there were many new adjustments she did since then. She had to adjust the time zone differences between Malaysia and Indonesia. She said that she was motivated to catch up with the friends from USM because all of them are diligent. Fadhila also explained that the system and form of the exam at USM is different from UMY, students are being required to enter WEBEX MEETINGS to be monitored to ensure the security of the examination.
She further explained that she learned new things during her 3 months studying at USM. For instance, Time Management, Professionalism, and Punctuality. Because the students and lecturers there are very disciplined, they don’t hesitate to remove certain student from the task group if they refuse collaborate. The lecturers there also rarely come late to the class. (ARP)

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