Felicidades! , Gumesa finished first in the international Silat Competition.

Bandung (8/1) The Bandung Lautan Api International Championship 4 will be held at the ITB Jatinangor Futsal Sports Hall, Sumedang City, West Java, from Friday to Sunday, January 06–8, 2023. This championship involves all classes and all categories, starting from kindergarten, elementary, middle school, high school, and student or adult. Participants come from Pencak Silat colleges, both from domestic and foreign schools and associations or universities, with healthy and prime physical and mental conditions. The height, weight, and age of the participants will be the committee’s reference in the championship criteria.


Gumesa Rahma Jati, a representative from IGOV UMY Batch 2021, managed to bring home a gold medal in the championship. participated in the championship in the category of women’s B class (50–55 kg). Playing twice, in the preliminary phase against Salsa I Ajwa Aulia from Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi and in the final against I Ketut Sri Rahayu from Marwadewa University, Gumesa managed to beat both of them by outperforming his opponent in points.

“In the first match, I almost lost because I overslept in the waiting room.” Luckily, I was still able to win even with a thin score. After making sure of the E Finals, I slapped myself on the cheek so that I would feel fresher and fitter. “After that, I focused on the final match,” said Gumesa. (FLT)

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