First Lecture Preparation For New Students

Yogyakarta (12/9) – The First Lecture Preparation for New Students must be done by senior high school students when entering college for the first time. This is because the situation and conditions at high school are different from the lecture period.

You need to know the preparation before entering college, especially for the first lecture. Of course, because the conditions of the social environment are different from your school and even your city or place of residence. Also to easily adapt to the campus environment. Here’s the First Lecture Preparation For New Students

Build a Proactive Attitude
When you are in a new environment, then the thing you need to do is adjust to the social environment. Then how can you adapt to the environment? One of them is to build a proactive attitude of self. If you have a proactive attitude then your social life is more sociable.

Find out the Rules in the Department and Campus
When you are a freshman, you are in a different situation. This means that each rule that you used to adhere to at the old school will be different when you are in college. Therefore, you must actively seek information related to the rules in the department, faculty, or university. The goal is that you can learn or know it first before entering lecture activities.

Make Time Management

If you have entered college, then you will arrange the study schedule. In contrast to the elementary to high school levels, where all learning schedules are arranged by the school. This is an advantage. But it can also boomerang for you if you’re not good at managing your time. (ARP)

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