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Held a Public Lecture, IP UMY Students Now Able to Study SPBE in Indonesia

Yogyakarta (14/12). Governmental Studies (IP) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has held a public lecture for the subject of Governance Information. The theme of the Public Lecture was “the Outlook on Government Information Systems in Indonesia”, which was held online and offline at the Government Studies Computer Lab.
SPBE (Electronic-Based Government System) is a form of government administration that utilizes information and communication technology to provide services to SPBE users or the equivalent term is E-Governance.
Muhammad Faiz Rahman, as the speaker in this Public Lecture, said that SPBE is not a trend. “SPBE is not just a trend, but a necessity. SPBE arises as a result of demands for evolution towards Government 2.0,” he said.
Faiz also added that the purpose of the SPBE was to bring great benefits to the government and society. “The purpose of the SPBE is to encourage and realize a more open, participatory, innovative and accountable government administration,” he added.
Erni Zuhriyati, as the moderator of this public lecture, also shared her opinion on SPBE in Indonesia. “The biggest challenge of SPBE in Indonesia is in the application of its principles. There are still many shortcomings and weaknesses so that it cannot be realized 100%,” he closed . (DA)

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