Held a Welcoming Party, IGSC Discussed Self Compassion and Critical Thinking

Yogyakarta (28/11) – the International Government Students Community (IGSC) has just held a Welcoming Party activity, a welcoming event for new students of the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) and at the same time a ceremonial event that they have officially become fully a UMY IGOV Student and a IGSC member. This event was held on Sunday (27/11) and took place in Desa Wisata Pulesari, Sleman. Besides being attended by new IGOV UMY students, this activity was also attended by IGSC management and IGOV UMY managers.

This time the Welcoming Party presents the topic of Emphasize Self Compassion, Embracing Critical Thinking which focuses on caring and being kind to oneself in facing life’s difficulties and obstacles that will be faced through critical thinking. Some of the activities at this welcoming party this time are sharing between classes, games, ice breaking, outbound, and the connotation of queen and king for 2022. These activities were chosen to bond each class and increase the solidarity and critical thinking of new IGOV UMY students.

The Welcoming Party has mandatory activities that must be carried out, this activity is the determination of the king and queen of the class of 2022. The determination is judged by their activeness, ability to guide their friends, and how enthusiastic they are in participating in the activity. On this occasion, the ones who had the opportunity to become king and queen were Reyga Pramudita and Hasna Nabila. They said that they were very happy to be chosen as King and Queen at this year’s welcoming party.

“Didn’t expect to be chosen as King on this occasion, because previously I didn’t expect to even know that there was an election to become king and queen at this event.” Said Rega Pramudita

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