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Here’s a Tip to Prevent You From Being Able to Use English

Yogyakarta (1/4) – When we learn a language, we first listen, then speak, then read, and finally write. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing is the four language skills we must master to communicate effectively.
Listening and reading are receptive: the amount of time you spend exposed to authentic language in use. Speaking and writing are both productive: output, that is, the action of producing language as part of the process of learning a second language.
To master these four fundamental language skills, you must immerse yourself in English: make English a part of your daily life at home, at work, and in your spare time.
These 3 things often prevent you from being able to use English according to MinGov
let’s start committing to learning English every day. For example, by setting aside 15 minutes to read an article or listen to an English conversation.
Don’t be a pussy
Come on, start daring yourself. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Because you can become even more proficient if you learn from these mistakes.
Don’t be afraid to meet Grammarnazi
don’t pay attention to the stigma or ridicule that arises from your colleagues. Because according to psychology too, ridicule usually arises because of envy or jealousy. So, don’t mind them! And keep practicing!
IGOV English Booster 101
Or you can join the IGOV program that is IGOV English Booster 101. IGOV English Booster 101 is an IGOV UMY student capacity-building program in English language skills designed to be able to profile graduates who are ready and brave to pursue their studies or careers abroad. (ARP)

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