How to Fill Your Study Plan Cards (KRS)

Yogyakarta (2/8) – Even semester break has arrived, approximately for 3 months. In addition to being a month where students can rest themselves or, go back to their hometowns, they still have to carry out their other obligations, paying tuition fees & filling out Study Plan Cards (KRS) with a deadline until 27 August 2022. For those of you who don’t know how to fill in the KRS yet, MinGov will tell you.

1. Visit the page http://krs.umy.ac.id/
2. Click on the “Student Login section
3. Enter your email address and password, and make sure the email you enter is the email provided by the campus!
4. Then, go to the KRS Online page which is on the main page table
5. After that, you choose courses according to your semester, you can check your courses at https://igov.umy.ac.id/academics/courses/
6. After you choose a course according to your semester, you have to pay tuition and DPP so that you can register yourself for that course.
7. After you pay your tuition and DPP, don’t forget to do a PRA-KRS (on the KRS Online page) to choose a class and register yourself for the course.

After you fill out the KRS, you just need to wait for the holiday time to end and you will be invited to the WhatsApp group by MinGov. (ARP)

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