IGOV Prepares Students with Professional Certification

Yogyakarta – Wednesday (12/1) IGOV UMY provided facilities of Professional Competency Certification for 14 IGOV students batch 2017, 2018 and 2019. The event was held offline at the Yats Colony Wirobrajan hotel Yogyakarta City. The event ran conductively.
The program organized by IGOV in collaboration with the UMY Professional Certification Institute (LSP) raised the theme on Public Affairs Analyst training in a scope of competency license in government and private institutions, the business world and the industrial world.
The Public Affairs Analyst certification scheme is an Occupational Certification Scheme developed by the Scheme Committee of the Professional Certification Institute, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. The competency package refers to the National Occupational Map in the Communication Sector Number 70/Kominfo/BLSDM/KS.01.07/4/2018 and the Decree of the Minister of Labor of the Republic of Indonesia Number 629 of 2016.
It concerns Stipulation of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards Categories of Servics such as Organizational Activities, Business, Entrepreneur, and Public Relations Profession. This certification scheme is used to ensure the competence of Bachelor graduates and as a reference for LSPs and competency assessors in implementing the Public Affairs Analyst competency certification.
The purpose of holding this Competency Certification is to ensure the competence of the Public Affairs Analyst so that a student is recognized as competent and able to carry out the duties professionally. (FLT)
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