IGOV UMY held a talk show entitled “Overcome Dizziness With Other Dizziness”

Yogyakarta (18/6) – The International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY), has just held a talk show content with IGOVers batch 2020 entitled “Overcome Dizziness With Other Dizziness”, this event took place online via Live Instagram.

This event was brought by Foltama Juna P. from the UMY IGOV Creative Team who presented Awang Rajaprakoso Purnomo & Fadhila Septiyaning as resource persons from a different perspective. Awang from a student perspective is busy with internships, and Fadhila from a student perspective is busy with their organization. In the talk show, the two of them shared their perspectives and stories about how fun and busy it was to participate in internships and organizations.
“As students, they have their timelines, and everyone can proceed anywhere other than in college,” said Mas Folta the presenter. (ARP)

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