IGOV UMY Students and Foreign Students Visit Bantul DPRD to Discuss Industry 4.0

Yogyakarta (28/7) – To provide actual learning and real learning, the 3rd International Government and Politics Summer School (3rd IGoPSS) organized by the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) visited the Council Regional People’s Representative of Bantul Regency (DPRD Bantul). The visit was held on Monday, July 25, 2022, the event took place on a hybrid basis. This activity was attended by the Chairman of Commission A of the Bantul DPRD, Muhammad Agus Salim, Member of Commission A Drs. Pambudi Mulya, M.Sc (F.PDI), Head of the Culture Service (Kundha Kakulturn) Bantul Regency Nugroho Eko Setyanto, Sos, MM, Head of Section Governance, Drs. Danang Irwanto, M.Sc., participant of the 3rd IGoPSS and Buddies.

The event focused more on discussions about how the Bantul DPRD prepared industry 4.0 and how the relationship between the Government and BNPB was.

In addition, the visit to the Bantul DPRD was aimed at introducing and providing knowledge to the 3rd IGoPSS participants that Indonesia has a legislative body at the regional level because not all countries participating in the 3rd IGoPSS have a legislative body at the regional level. From the visit to the Bantul DPRD, it is hoped that the participants will know that Indonesia has a community representative council that can express their aspirations even though they are at the regional level because Indonesia itself is a democratic country.

It is hoped that with this visit the participants and Buddies who accompany them during the 3rd IGoPSS activity can find out how the performance of the Bantul DPRD directly. “With a visit to the Bantul DPRD, we gain new knowledge and can find out the performance of the community representative councils at the Bantul regional level, how they prepare industry 4.0 and accommodate, aspire to, and provide solutions to problems that exist in the community,” said Fadhila Septiyaning, one of the Buddies at the 3rd IGoPSS event. (ARP)

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