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IGOV UMY Students Learned to Bibiliometric Vosviewer analysis Operate in the Hello Research Program for Program kreativitas Mahasiswa

Yogyakarta (11/3) – The hello Research Program International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) has just conducted training using Bibiliometric Vosviewer analysis. This learning takes place in Tutorial Room 2 of the Graduate Building. This is done to help make proposals easier.
Vos Viewer is used to visualize a bibliography, or data set containing a bibliographic field (title, author, author, journal, etc.). In the world of research, VV is used for bibliometric analysis, looking for topics that still have opportunities to research, looking for the most widely used references in certain and other fields.
Adil Ario Fernandy From IGOV batch 2020, one of the Hello Research Program participants, remarked, “the overall premise of this program is quite interesting.” When it comes to writing essays, articles, proposals, and theses, I’m still a little bewildered. That is why I have decided to participate in this program.”
“This program is full of prospects,” he noted, “but many other IGOV students have not yet entered this program.” I hope that more students will attend in the future so that they can get scientific writing skills.”

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