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IGOV UMY Students Learned to Operate NVivo Software in the Hello Research Program

Yogyakarta – (9/11) The Hello Research program from IGOV Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) discussed how to operate NVivo Software. The lesson was conducted at the Tutorial Room 3 of UMY’s Post Graduate Building
NVivo is one of the qualitative data mining and analyzing software used in scientific research. The software was first developed by Tom Richards at the La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. The software was then developed further by his wife, Lyn Richards as a tool to support social sciences research. In 1995, both of them had built a QSR International before releasing the first version of NVivo in 1999.
Speaking about the qualitative data process, there are other applications and software that can be used. For instance,  PSS (Statistical Package for Social Science), SAS (Statistical Analysis System), or AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structure). NVivo completes them all as software that can be used to process and analyze the obtained data through an automatic qualitative data analytics system.
One of the Hello Research Program’s participants, Handari Maya Yaseen from IGOV batch 2020 commented, “the whole concept of this program is very interesting. I am still a little lost when I write essays, articles, proposals, and thesis. That is why I join this program.”
He also added, “this program is full of prospects, but many other IGOV students have not joined this program yet. I hope in the future, more students will join so they can obtain scientific writing skills.”(DA)
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