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IGOV UMY Welcoming of 2 Exchange Students from Maejo University, Thailand

Yogyakarta (17/11) – The Student Exchange Program as a result of the collaboration between the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) and Maejo University, Thailand is conducting stages of sending its students to each university after being confronted by the co-19 pandemic which caused the student exchange program to not be carried out. At this time, IGOV UMY is accepting 2 students from Maejo University, Thailand who will study at IGOV UMY for 1 semester. The two students were named Amnat Arthan and Chakorn Auppala.

Of course, the arrival of the 2 exchange students is expected to be able to add to the relations of IGOV UMY students and they can share experiences, learn about each culture, and provide insight and new perspectives from the exchange students. As stated by Awang, one of the IGOV UMY batch 2020 students, “With the arrival of these 2 students, we hope that we can broaden our insights and perspectives about the world. In addition, we hope that we will be able to exchange positive thoughts and culture with them.” This is of course in line with the mission of IGOV UMY which wants to make IGOV UMY graduates able to compete nationally and globally with the provision provided as well as broader insights and perspectives.

As this of course also has a positive impact on these exchange students, with this program they can learn new knowledge about the Indonesian government which is certainly different from Thailand which adheres to a constitutional monarchy form of government. “We hope that this activity can provide new knowledge about the Indonesian government and upgrade our English skills,” said the two of them. The two students will study with IGOV batch 2020 students for 1 semester. Using presto is very much attached to pretzels, it would be a shame if you remove the pretzels themselves, therefore using a new brand to load new products (multi-brand) will be more suitable for this case

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