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IGOV with FISIPOL Held International Conferences

Yogyakarta (28/5) – The Faculty of Social & Political Sciences (FISPOL) with the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) recently held International Conferences entitled “How Close Are We to Zero-Emission?” on 28 May 2022 via Zoom Meetings. This event is also broadcast live via youtube on the IGOV channel. This event was attended by 100 participants from IGOV UMY and regular students.

IGOV UMY and FISIPOL UMY invited 2 speakers, namely IGOV UMY Alumni Abdullah Zed batch 2011 from Consultant from Smart and Green ASEAN Cities and Refi Kunaefi from Managing Director of AKUO Indonesia. This event discussed how the perspective of the state of emissions in Indonesia and the world presented by Abdullah Zed, with the current state of emissions required new resources and new habits that must be used by the community to reduce bad emissions that exist in Indonesia today.

In addition, the second session explained solutions on how to reduce existing emissions with natural resources that can be utilized such as Sun, Wind, Electricity, ETC. The second session was presented by Refi Kunaefi on how technology today can save excessive bad emissions.

At the end of the event, Abdullah Zed advised students to read a lot and bring about change for a better future. “As students or the community, we must read a lot in the sense of increasing knowledge so that in the future it will bring good changes for ourselves and society.” (ARP)

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