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Improving the Quality of Proposal, IGOV UMY Facilitates Students to Learn Presentations for UG Theses Defenses

IGOV UMY provided facilities in the form of presentation training to prepare offline proposal seminars attended by several Government Science (IP) students both international and regular classes (6/10).
Fairuz Arta, as the facilitator of the activity, gave his opinion. “The purpose of this activity is to make both students from the Regular and International Class prepared for the defense. Besides, it can also be used as a rehearsal for proposal defense,” he said.
Salma Salsabila Abdillah, IGOV bactch 2017 gave a positive response regarding this activity “It really helped me in understanding the technique for proposal defense because I have never done before, its my first time. This training activity made me understand my weaknesses in delivering the material and find out what need to be improved. Also, there are many more benefits that I can get,” she said. (AD)

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