Inspiring, Bawaslu Gunungkidul Forms GPM and Guards 2024 Elections

Gunung Kidul – To carry out the Student Creativity Program (PKM) agenda of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) consisting of Dinul Qoyimah, Neng Susi, Maulana Rifki Wardana, Alifya Fathiya, and Daniel with the Advisory Lecturer Sakir, conducted research in Gunungkidul on a collaborative model conducted between the Bawaslu of Gunungkidul Regency and the Women’s Supervision Movement (GPM). Bawaslu Gunungkidul initiated the formation of GPM as a form of empowering women in the Gunungkidul area which was formed on October 1, 2020.

Rini as a representative of the Bawaslu of Gunungkidul as well as the initiator of GPM revealed why she was interested in forming a GPM in Gunungkidul.

“Departing from my desire to empower women and see how rampant money politics is in elections where women belong to a vulnerable group, which can be lured by something very simple, for example, necessities because not a few women like and accept it. That’s why I am interested in forming GPM on the one hand as an education on how important it is to be politically literate and to encourage women’s groups to continue to be empowered and develop.” Added Rini as the initiator of GPM, Tuesday (21/06).

“I have become more sensitive to political issues, even if money politics is indicated in the election, we already know how to act and where to report it,” said Fujiastuti as a member of GPM, Friday (24/06).

The GPM was formed with the model of a voluntary movement without coercion and most of those who are members of the GPM are women who are also active in social movements or communities such as the PKK group, health cadres, women’s farmer groups, cooperatives, waste management volunteers and so on.

So that the spread of information about GPM which they call “Spread Positive Virus” is not a virus that harms the body but a virus that can arouse enthusiasm in creating healthy elections easier when they are together.

When the GPM was formed to carry out surveillance for the first time in the 2020 elections, Mrs. Yani as a Panwascam representative explained that “The community has become more aware of and understands the flow of reporting when there are acts of violation during the implementation of the election,” explained Yani, a Panwascam representative when interviewed by the PKM group. from UMY students (24/06).

The Women’s Supervising Movement can be a pilot model that other Bawaslu can do because this GPM is the first in Gunungkidul Regency. It is hoped that the GPM will synergize even more in participatory supervision of the 2024 elections in the future to create healthy and clean elections from money politics and can carry out democratic parties solemnly.

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