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IP UMY Media Center Held a Meeting for the Preparation of Department’s Branding

Yogyakarta – (16/10) The Media Center of the Governmental Sciences Department UMY held a meeting on the 15th of October 2021 at 14.00 West Indonesian Timezone. The discussion of the branding process of the department was held through a hybrid method, online via Zoom, and offline at the computer lab of the Governmental Science Department. The meeting was led by the Secretary of the Department, M. Eko Atmojo.
The meeting aimed to provide a briefing for the Media Center Team of IP UMY regarding the preparation of the department’s branding. The meeting was massively and conducive held, a lot of discussions, recommendations, suggestions, and criticism related to the branding preparation were delivered during the meeting.
“Such kind of meeting should be done regularly to build a good connection between the Media Center Team and IP UMY. Besides, we should act fast for the Governmental Science’s Department branding process,” commented one of the representatives of the Lab IP UMY’s media team,
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