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Learning Big Data in the Public Lecture, Students were Feeling Helped in Their Thesis Writing

Yogyakarta – (16/12). The Government Studies (IP) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) has held a public lecture for the Quantitative Research course. The public lecture was themed “The Need of Big Data for the Continuity of Quantitative Research”.
By definition, Big Data is a collection of processed large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured that used to assist business activities. Big Data itself is a development of database systems in general.
The public lecture was delivered by Wegik Prasetyo S.IP and Vendy Ardianto from the Big Data Lab of DPP UGM. The moderator of this public lecture was Helen Dian Fridayani, S.IP., M.IP., Ph.D.(Cand).
According to Wegik as the speaker of this Public Lecture, Big Data is not just a technological advancement, “big data is an easier development of a system . The speed, volume and types of the available datas are
 numerous and varied,” he said.
Vandy, as the second speaker, also said that Big Data is often used in large companies. “In general, small-scale projects can use an open -source database system. However, to accommodate various types of data the result may proceed slowly, therefore the best way is to use Big Data,” he said.
In addition, Helen as the moderator also shared her opinion on the benefits of Big Data at the end of the session. “Big data has several functions and benefits related to the need for large data storage with a faster and more efficient data reading process. There are several supporting tools to get the Big Data for student’s thesis writing,” she concluded. (DA)
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