Monitoring and Evaluation of PK-KM, IP UMY Carry out 100% of Activities

Yogyakarta (22/10) -The Merdeka Campus Competition Program, abbreviated as PK-KM, is a program launched by Dikti-Ristek under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This program is divided into three (three) schemes that will serve as a platform for State Universities (PTN) and Private Universities (PTS) to compete under applicable regulations. The goal of PK-KM implementation is to improve the quality of university graduates, lecturers, and curriculum and learning materials.

The quality of higher education graduates is determined by two (two) indicators, including graduates’ ability to obtain decent jobs and students’ ability to gain experience outside of the campus. The quality of lecturers and teaching is evaluated using three (three) indicators: lecturers who are active outside of campus, teaching practitioners on campus, and lecturers whose work is used by the community and receives international recognition. The curriculum’s quality is then assessed using three (three) indicators: there is a synergy of cooperation between study programs and world-class partners, there is participatory and collaborative learning, and the study program adheres to international standards.

In this case, IP UMY, a study program that implements PK-KM, held monitoring and evaluation (monev) on the progress of implementation on Saturday (22/10) in the Fisipol Building Area, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. This Monev was followed by other PK-KM-based study programs such as the Master of Government Science Study Program (MIP), Agrotechnology Study Program, Agribusiness Study Program, International Relations Study Program (HI), and English Language Education (PBI). The Institutional Support System (ISS), one of the programs launched in this PK-KM, also attended this event. This Monev is carried out to track and evaluate activity accomplishments as well as financial accountability.

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