New Terms for IGOV New Students before teaching and learning activities start

Yogyakarta (3/9) – After firmly choosing the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) as your next life journey, you must prepare to enter a new phase of being a student. As a new student, you will not only learn new things but will also be struggling in a new environment, new relationships, including a new system when studying.
Now, regarding the system, several lecture terms are very different from the terms used in school first. In order not to be confused, you must know some lecture terms that new students must know. Let’s look at the following information.

1. Secondary Supervisor
A secondary Supervisor is a Supervisor who will assist you in correcting the Grammar in your thesis because in IGOV your thesis must use English, you know!

2. Student Capacity Building Program
Capacity Building Programs are programs created by IGOV for you to develop your Soft Skills and of course, the program is to prepare you to face competition in the world of work.

3. Visiting Professor
Well, every semester at IGOV you will be taught by Professors/lecturers who come from abroad. So don’t be surprised if suddenly a foreigner comes to your class and teaches you new knowledge from a different perspective.

So that’s a term you should know as a new IGOV student. So don’t get me wrong! (ARP)

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