Nurture Young leaders in South Korea

Yogyakarta (21/2) – Sun Moon University is situated in the heart of Tangjung Crystal Valley and Asan New City in Korea’s central area. Our university has a gorgeous campus, talented faculty members, and cutting-edge educational facilities. Our university is also the nearest to the KTX (Korean Express Train) Cheonan-Asan Station. Sun Moon provides the circumstances for students to concentrate on their studies in a quiet setting by ensuring a 40% room occupancy rate for enrolled students in the dormitory. Sun Moon University makes every effort to develop future leaders with a strong moral character who will lead the world in the twenty-first century. Sun Moon is committed to professional education that equips students with the languages and technologies needed to lead the global society, in addition to character education.
We also provide internship programs to improve industrial and academic collaboration with local businesses to increase our graduates’ career opportunities. Our university is committed to assisting students by providing an abundant and diverse scholarship system, a superb educational environment, a differentiated education system, and the firm backing of a greater educational foundation than other universities. All of these contributes to Sun Moon University’s bright future.
Sun Moon University is perfect for those of you who want to learn about a new culture, language, and environment that is very different from Indonesia, although Indonesia with South Korea is still in one continent, Asia. In addition, students from the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration conduct student exchange to Sun Moon University as a form of cooperation. (ARP)

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