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Official: the PKM Team of UMY’s Governmental Sciences Passed to the PIMNAS 2021

Oktober 23, 2021. UMY passed 6 proposals to the 34th PIMNAS (Students Research Week) at Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) 2021. Two of the passed proposals are from the UMY Governmental Sciences team.
The governmental Sciences team has 6 students who were divided into two teams with different focuses. One of them is Social Humanities research, students who have their proposal on this topic are Vicky Alfitra Perdana (IP 2018), Ahmad Syafiqurrohman (IP 2018), Muhammad Noor Cahyadi E.S (IP 2018), Muhammad Miftahul Ahsan (IP 2020) dan Nita Aribah Hanif (IP 2018) and the other focus research is on the Technology Sciences Practices, one of the students in this research is Galih Prasongko (IP 2019).
Ahmad Syafiqurrohman (IP 2018) gave his opinion about the preparation. “Now we are already entering the PIMNAS stage, so the preparation must be better. We revise our presentation slides and sharpen the content of our articles. I am one of the members of the Social Humanities research team, therefore I should strengthen the contents and the article of our research. So we can understand how to deliver our research and are ready to answer any questions instantly,” said him.
Syafiq adds, “the preparation of UMY’s IP PKM team was held three days before the d-day. We practiced our presenting skills, improved our materials, and coordinated with the team members”
He hoped that the PIMNAS would run smoothly and the UMY teams will be able to give the best performance and presentation. “We hope the other friends can support us with prayers. That would be really helpful for us. I hope the PKM IP UMY team can make a good impression of the UMY Governmental Sciences department in the national stage,” hoped Syafiq. (DA)
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