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Orientation may be defined as a time of introduction, or the process of adaption and socializing that occurs when a person is placed in a new situation. Orientation is an introduction to determining attitudes in the form of direction and perspectives of one’s ideas. Generally, new students in school or new workers in a firm will go through an orientation session. An orientation phase is essential for anyone who is relocating to a new location or setting. This is done to allow a person to acclimatize well. Especially for new students, they must learn about their new campus environment as well as the field of study that they have chosen. Yesterday, USM held an orientation for the new students and exchange students, and as the student who join the orientation for student exchange program here is my experience for follow the event.
As an Indonesia citizen and a student who join the exchange program who experiencing the first time orientiation in other country, I was shocked because it is very different from orientation in my country. It was boring. Orientation must held with festivies and a joy, but I think this orientation is very awkward and flat, they held the orientation like they search how to make orientation in google and they not modified it, especially for the MC they brought the event very stiff and look like they did not want to deliver the event well. I think the interesting from this event is only the ice breaking, they make pleasent game who the students must search an item who given by the MC, and they give us 3 words and make it a sentence.
So the orientation that USM made succssesfully makes me shocked because it is very flat. However, it is full of information. For next year event I hope USM make a refreshing orientation so the new students are excited to studied in USM.

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