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Orientation is one of the mandatory activities that every student does before entering the teaching week. This activity was held to introduce the new environment of the campus, introducing the campus life, also introducing the academic system to the new students. It’s one of the process of the new student to get adapt to new things such new culture, perspective, friends with more different backgrounds, new ways to socialize and other. For me, the Orientation is very important to new students because if we missed one explanation and introduction about the information of the place, environment, our studies and other thing that could be one of the important life changing in the future, we’ll absolutely struggling if we don’t know which kind or type of the exact environment where we have to live and study and we wouldn’t ready if it turns out that there are so many things that we don’t quite understand because we forget to pay attention and so on.
On Monday and Wednesday, I am experiencing the orientation that was held by USM for the new full-time students and the exchange students. For me the orientation was fine and went well since it was my first experience for having an orientation in another country. Actually, the orientation here on Indonesia and on Malaysia is pretty similar, usually the MC’s is like having a lot of thoughts, stiff and flat, so for me every orientation feels boring but funny, sorry to say. However, Indonesian ways of orientation is much longer than Malaysian. USM also play some videos about the diversity of tribes and customs that exist in Malaysia. The Ice breaking session is very interesting and exciting, because the games were different with the Indonesian kind of ice breaking session.
So for me the Orientation that was held by USM is pretty boring but it’s also funny. Before the orientation was started, I was nervous because I thought this orientation would a formal event, but it’s not that formal. And what I like about the USM itself is they are pretty good when convey the information that needed by all of the new students.

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