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I and my friends are participating in the exchange program. This exchange program provides by the IGOV and thankfully I got accepted to join the exchange program to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). However, we need to hold it virtually caused by COVID-19. Even that, we are excited for participating this program. We were planning to join the classes in one room together, which is in the campus’s student hall.

Like yesterday on the first day of orientation, we gathered in the student hall to join the online orientation. Even it is done online, it is still fun because we did that together. We were lamenting our fate that we cannot go there and have the direct orientation. But still, the orientation taught us something new, like the Malaysian cultures and Indian cultures. It was fun watching the video all about Malaysia and the campus.

Then the second day of the orientation is today. We did not gather like the first day because we woke up late. Even that we still join the orientation and contact each other to know that we all join the orientation. Today’s session is about the timetable and the subject that we took. It was really nice that we can talk or ask the director of the schools and discuss the subject that we took and to avoid a time clash.

Even the exchange program has to do online, we still take positive advantages. We can learn something outside our major, and even be more close to each other because we will do the online classes together. Hopefully that the pandemic is over so we can have a flight to Malaysia and experience the offline class. 

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