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Participated in the Back to School Program, 2 IGOV Students did a Promotion to 10 Schools in Bojonegoro

Bojonegoro – Wednesday (19/1) The Back to School Program held by UMY Admissions has officially closed. 2 IGOV students successfully passed the Program. The 2 IGOV students who passed the program were Aditya Fatmadadika and Rizza Ananta from IGOV batch 2020.
The promotion, which was held in Bojonegoro, East Java, lasted for three days. The promotion was carried out in 10 high schools in the Bojonegoro district. The aim of the promotion is to introduce IGOV UMY to the high school students there.
Given the importance of the program, IGOV Directo,r Sakir Ridho Wijaya S.IP., M.IP fully supports this agenda. All preparations were carried out to the maximum, such as presentation materials, brochures, merchandise, etc.
The high school students who attended the event were also enthusiastic about the promotions held at their school. One of the participants asked about IGOV’s mandatory Exchange Program to Adit and Riza. The student named Fadel Akhsani asked, “How is the Exchange system? Are we allowed to leave in the middle of a pandemic?”

Adit answered the question, “the exchange program will be held after our 3rd semester, but registration for the exchange program should be done one semester before the departure. Now, some of our partner campuses have allowed offline exchanges, such as Asia University, University Sains Malaysia, and others.” (FLT)

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