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Preparing Students for Student Exchange to Thailand, IGOV UMY Holds a Sharing Session with the Head of IGSC

Yogyakarta (10/12) – To socialize on what needs to be prepared before the exchange to Thailand and after arriving in Thailand, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta invited Moch Noerizza Triananta who was conducting a student exchange to Khon Kaen University, Thailand to share his experiences

The activity was held on Thursday (8/12) via Zoom Meetings and was attended by batch 2020 IGOV UMY students who were preparing for a Student Exchange to University Maejo, Thailand. On this occasion, Rizza shared tips starting from making visas until taking care of administration at the immigration office in Khon Kaen. In addition, he also shared some regulations that must be respected in Thailand.

“There are several regulations that are very different from Indonesia, such as talking bad about the Thai monarchy or smoking in public places,” said Rizza

Apart from that, he also gave some tips & tricks to survive and expand relationships in Thailand which is very important for newcomers or students who want to study in Thailand.

“As an exchange student expanding relations is of course very important, therefore you can join student associations in Thailand such as Permitha.cmu namely, student associations in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Apart from that, to save your expenses don’t shop for your needs at supermarts like Seven-Eleven” Rizza said

With this activity, it is hoped that IGOV UMY students who wish to do a Student Exchange to Thailand will get the necessary information so that student exchange activities can run smoothly.(ARP)

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