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Prof Dr. Achmad Nurmandi delivers lesson on Digital Government Evolution in School of Government, Universiti Utara Malaysia

As the previous session done, the moderator which is student from the same course open the session formally. Then it started by Prof Nurmandi’s presentation titled Digital Government Evolution from Transformation to Contextualization. He shares his review paper on the legal authors Tommasz Janowski. This research focused on the stages/ paths in the evolution of digital government which is start from digitalization, then evolve into transformation. After handling the transformation, it needs to strengthen by an engagement, and last is a contextualization that features both internal government transformation and transformation of external relationships and depends on the application context.

The evolution of digital government will always bound to continue, it will be fascinating to discover and explain new Digital Government Evolution patterns to emerge in the future, and how they are able to serve public policy needs in different national, local and sectoral contexts. As this presentation based on the review, Prof Nurmandi needs to explain based on the author’s finding, focused on the evolution of digitalization in public sector. The 1.5 hours of lectures run well by producing a dynamic discussion. Most of the participants which are students at School of Government, Universiti Utara Malaysia asked the real implementation as well as challenges happen nowadays.
“Which one is more challenging, those who are living in the city or in the rural area?” asked Kartika Sari. Then Prof. Nurmandi answered “we cannot decide which one is the most challenging, but we need to examine between barrier; the internal barrier that are politics, policy. Then the external are culture, geography, capacity of each government”. “After we analysis these two barriers, we will be able to distinguish one. Though, we still need a lot of research for this case” added Prof. Nurmandi.
The agenda that held virtually through Zoom Meeting ended by Prof. Nurmandi at 9.45 by giving task to the participants to download the survey material and complete it within a week. (AD)

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