Reasons Why Salsa chose IGOV UMY, Number 4 is Very Surprising

Yogyakarta – (15/12). Five reasons Salsa Della Guitara chose IGOV UMY will be spilled in this article. The student from Bekasi is known as a person who has a high desire to learn new things.
Therefore, Salsa chose IGOV UMY to improve her soft skills to become better prepared for the future.
Salsa has just enrolled at IGOV UMY this year, but it has already been proven that she had participated in many student activities.
Here are five reasons Salsa chose IGOV UMY to continue her education:
1. Interest in the discourse of NGO
IGOV UMY is one of the majors whose focus is not also government and politics, but also NGOs and Civil Society. Many graduates from IGOV are interested in this discourse, one of them is Salsa.
2. Courses at IGOV are Conducted in English
To Salsa, lessons conducted in English are very fun because she have never experienced classes in English before.
3. Possibility to Improve English Language Skills
IGOV UMY always supports the students. For instance, IGOV helps improve English language skills through programs such as English Booster.
4. Many programs that support self-development
In addition to improving English language skills, IGOV UMY also facilitates students with other soft skills through the Hello Research program, IGOV Creative Hub, and so on.
5. Exchange program to well-known universities
The last reason, according to her, is that IGOV UMY requires its students to participate in the exchange program to foreign universities and IGOV UMY always supports them from the beginning to the end of the program.

Salsa stated that she was currently a member of the Hello Research Program, and that program had really helped her in terms of writing assignments, journal articles, and other writings. (DA)
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