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Sertifikasi Kompetensi, Improving The Quality of The Students to Compete in The World of Work

Yogyakarta (17/2), Indonesia – In light of the present technological disruption, the Government Office needs a human resource in the field of dependable public relations. The Government Science Study Program, which is essential to produce qualified graduates, recognizes the urgency. As a result, the UMY IP Study Program held a Public Affairs Analyst Competency Certification for chosen students in the 2018 class. On Saturday (12/2), the evaluation was held in the UMY FISIPOL Building.
Certification operations are carried out in collaboration with the LSP UMY, an official entity directly recognized by the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP). Some students who successfully passed the file selection by Study Program are entitled to an evaluation test on the day and date set by LSP UMY. Interestingly, the UMY IP Study Program initiated this Professional Certification activity in response to student concerns about the value of professional certification. (ARP)

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