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Spiritual Leadership Softskill Training in the Digital Era by the Governmental Studies Department

Yogyakarta – (15/11).  Spiritual Leadership Softskill Training was held by the Governmental Studies department, Universitas Muhammdiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) on Monday (8/11). The training was held online and participated by the students of the Governmental Studies batch 2021
The first session of Spiritual Leadership was a material explanation with the theme of “Spiritual Leadership in the Digital Era” by Prasetyo Raharjo,Trible Leader Innovation Mgt – PT Telkom & Co-Founder Program Digital Amoeba,
and Riza Perdana Kusuma, Practioner Speaker & Founder of Indonesia Leadership School.
Prasetyo explained that
Prasetyo explained how PT Telkom organizes young people to continue to innovate. According to him, PT Telkom has succeeded in making start-ups that bring benefits to people’s lives and the nation. “Young people are required to develop their potential and minds. They have to be brave to get out of their comfort zone,” he said.
Meanwhile, Riza also said that it is rare for a leader to have good spirituality. “Spirituality is a common challenge because it is not only related to humans, but also to the Almighty,” he said.
The second session of Spiritual Leadership Softskill training will be held on Wednesday (17/11). In the second session, students will present the task given on the first session (DA)
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