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Students Become the Main Focus of the 2022 Program kompetisi-Kampus Merdeka (PK-KM) 2022

Yogyakarta (23/4) – The Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Government Science Study Program (Prodi IP UMY) recently participated in the Assistance Camp for Program Kompetisi kampus Merdeka (PK-KM) 2022. This activity was held at the Forriz Hotel Yogyakarta on 22-23 April 2022. This mentoring camp event aims to perfect and direct proposals that will be submitted by each study program that will submit a PK-KM proposal in 2022 such as the IP UMY Study Program, the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta International Relations Study Program (HI UMY Study Program), and the UMY Study Program English Education at Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (PBI UMY Study Program) and the new ones will submit a PK-KM grant proposal, namely the Agrotechnology, Agribusiness, and Information Technology Study Program, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.

In this Camp activity, the IP Study Program of UMY focused on perfecting the proposals to be submitted for the 2022 PK-KM and correcting the small errors contained in the proposals. To increase the percentage of success in submitting a PK-KM proposal in 2022 for the IP UMY Study Program, establishing a strategy to increase collaboration and coordination between partners, one of which is the Industrial World Business World (DUDI) is one of the strategic focuses of UMY’s PK-KM activities. In addition, students are the main focus of PK-KM activities in 2022, in PK-KM 2022 students will focus on practical activities in the field such as research-based internships, entrepreneurship development, community service, competency certification, and Student Exchange so that students have a large portion. in the 2022 PK-KM activities.
“We hope that with the strategy and focus aimed at bringing the IP UMY Study Program to pass the PK-KM Grant activity in 2022, we already have the provisions and are optimistic about getting success when submitting a proposal for the PK-KM Grant activity in 2022,” said Ahmad Syafiqurrohman, OK. as the Taskforce Team for the UMY IP Study Program and the designer of the 2022 PK-KM Grant proposal for the UMY IP Study Program.

In terms of implementation, UMY’s IP Study Program has learned from the previous year, besides that, UMY’s IP Study Program is taking full advantage of the PK-KM activities in 2022 because many benefits can be obtained, in essence, the substance can be developed and improved so that it can run better than the previous year. (ARP)

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