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Students of IGOV UMY Participated in a Virtual Conference from UTAR Malaysia

Yogyakarta – (8/11). Five students from IGOV UMY participated in the International Youth Development Virtual Conference 2021 held by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Malaysia. The event was held via Zoom and Facebook live for two days from the 6th to the 7th of November 2021 at 9.00 AM Kuala Lumpur timezone. The theme of the conference was “The Role and Participation of Youths in Building Sustainable Cities”.
A city is a place where interactions are made between many groups. The SDGs for the city are the answer for urban problems like discrimination, uneven access to the public sphere, the risk of contagious illness, the gap in access to education, poverty, and hunger. The youth is needed to innovate the urban design in order to boost the quality of life.
Thus, the event aims to urge the youngsters to participate in the actualization of urban SDGs. The youngsters are the important agent and partner for the New Urban Agenda from the United Nations which aimed to build an inclusive, safe, and resilient neighborhood in cities. Further, this event also wants to support the youngsters to speed up the advancement of Sustainable Development 2030
A participating student named Satrya Dhillan Bagaskara commented, “I am very interested with the theme of this topic. Although it was a virtual conference, I could still gain more insight about sustainable development and the importance of our role as the youth.”
Dhillan also continued by expressing his intention by joining the event, “I want to spread and execute the knowledge I find here for the sake of many people in the society.” (DA)
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