Continuing to Learn, IGOV UMY Students participate in the Borobudur International Symposium

Yogyakarta (8/12) – To enhance internationalization activities and improve soft skills in writing and public speaking, several students of the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) submitted their papers to the Borobudur International Symposium on Humanities and Social Sciences organized by Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (UNIMMA). The Submit abstract paper activity was held on Monday (5/12) at the Laboratorium Government Science UMY.

The international symposium held by UNIMMA raised the theme ”The Innovation Chain: A Contribution to Society and Industry”. The background of this theme is the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on all the 17 SDGs has demonstrated how what began as a health catastrophe swiftly transformed into a human, socioeconomic and environmental crisis. Some of the presenters in this symposium namely Prof. Nuran Acur from the University of Glasgow, Scotland; Dr. Sukanya Dej-adisai from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand; and Dr. Matthias Wetzel Asia University, Taiwan

On this occasion, 9 students participated in the international symposium, some of these names are Kevin Arya Pranaja IGOVers batch 2021, Amanda Aspasia Dilla IGOVers batch 2021, Salsa Della Guitara Putri IGOVers batch 2021, Gumesa Rahma Jati IGOVers batch 2021, Bagaskoro Nur Abu Yogar IGOVers batch 2021, M. Akbar Nugraha Sabarna IGOVers batch 2021, Reyga Pramudita IGOVers batch 2022, Nur Izzaturahmah IGOVers batch 2022, and Rizky Febriyanto IGOVers batch 2022.

Previously, several IGOV UMY students had won the title of Best Presenter at the National Symposium held by Muhammadiyah University of Lampung (UML). However, this does not make them arrogant and makes them enthusiastic to continue to seek knowledge and improve their abilities. As stated by Gumesa Rahma Jati.

“Even though we received an award yesterday as the best presenter at UML, it doesn’t make us arrogant and feel we can do it, instead it makes us feel like we don’t know anything and want to keep learning so that our values will continue to be honed and developed,” he said. (ARP)


Felicidades! IGOV UMY Students Make Achievements Again at the National Seminar at the University of Muhammadiyah Lampung

Yogyakarta (7/12) – For the umpteenth time, the International Program of Government Affairs and Administration Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (IGOV UMY) students made another achievement at the National Symposium at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung (UML). The national symposium which was held from Wednesday (9/11) to Thursday (10/11) was commanded by the Asosiasi Ilmu Pemerintahan Peguruan Tinggi Muhammadiyah (AIPPTM) which consists of various Muhammadiyah universities throughout Indonesia, one of which is UML.

At the national symposium this time the committee was conducted by the UML Government Science Study Program with the theme ”Peluang dan Tantangan Mewujudkan Go-Digital Dalam Tata Kelola Pemerintahan”. The background of this theme is the government’s uproar in implementing digital services in this disruptive era. as for some of the presenters in this symposium namely Drs. Ahmad Bastian SY., as Member of Committee 1 DPD RI Lampung, Prof. Dr. Achmad Nurmandi, M.Sc., as Chairman of KAPSIPI and Advisor to AIPPTM, Drs. Nur Islam, M.I.P., as the Dean of Social Sciences UML.


On this occasion, UMY IGOV students participated in a scientific competency event which was attended by students from various other tertiary institutions. Through this symposium, IGOV UMY students have won various championships as the best presenters in the scientific work they have compiled. The following are the names of students who won this achievement including Kevin Arya Pranaja IGOVers Batch 2021 with the title paper is Digitalisasi Desa Wisata: Penggunaan E-Lok Sebagai Pencatatan Tiket Secara Digital di Desa Wisata Sambirejo, Amanda Aspasia Dilla IGOVers Batch 2021 with the title paper Komunikasi Digital: Studi Proses Komunikasi Pemerintah Kota Yogyakarta Melalui Aplikasi Jogya Smart Service (JSS), Salsa Della Guitara Putri IGOVers Batch 2021 with the title paper Implementasi E-Government Menuju Good Governance: Studi E-Retribusi Sebagai Metode Pembayaran Non-Tunai di Pasar Beringharjo, Kota Yogyakarta, and Gumesa Rahma Jati IGOVers Batch 2021 with the title Penurunan Stunting Melalui Program Bantul Seroja: Ditinjau Dalam Perspektif Best Practice

This success certainly cannot be separated from the support from IGOV Hello Research in providing excellent facilitation in guiding paper making up to the presentation at the event. As this was directly acknowledged by one of the UMY IGOV students, namely, Salsa Della Guitara.

“I’m very happy to be able to get the award for being the best presenter. Of course, I am very grateful and want to say big thank you to IGOV Hello Research for providing support and guidance from mentors who are just as cool in guiding us,” said Salsa. (ARP)